Our Vision
To give valued services in the field of education.

Education with values:

Knowledge Trust to pioneer a new movement for ushering in world-class quality in higher education in Orissa starting right from +2 Science Level. Knowledge Trust also wants to be a catalyst for social development in Odisha and its neighboring states.

Our Mission
Knowledge Trust in its endeavor to establish itself as a viable and prosperous knowledge enterprise looks forward to acquire, develop, transmit and use knowledge as a tool for human empowerment by building institutions of quality starting right from Basic Sciences at +2 Science level. Academics, research, training and consulting services are the areas of focus for Knowledge Trust.

What TIBS Generates ?

At TIBS, we believe that there is a winner in every student and that it just needs to be identified. We strive endlessly to discover this hidden potential of every student and work with heart and soul to enable every student to achieve his / her goal. We make a concerted effort to make a difference in every single student. At TIBS College we inculcate students with subject knowledge as well as the skill to apply it in entrance examinations. To be successful, these components are equally critical and essential.

The academic program at TIBS is rigorous in which we develop problem analyzing and solving skills in students which makes even the most arduous problems easy to solve. We create a space for students to explore their subject knowledge to greater depths. Our faculties stay continuously updated in this ever changing competitive environment and design innovative ways of learning, teaching and testing.
Moreover, TIBS governs a disciplined immaculate system throughout, not only for the students but also for teachers and administrative staffs. Each one at our college is equally important and makes his/her own contribution, to the strong and time tested system at TIBS. Once students join our college, they can be rest assured that they have a secure and hurdle free-path ahead walking on which they would definitely achieve their goals.


Message: If you take advantage of what we care , you will build a strong beam on which you can confidently lift your career easily.

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